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“Easy diet to lose weight”

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Easy diet to lose weight without being hungry.

The Easy Diet to Lose Weight helps to lose some pounds and most important, to lose the fat of the body. This diet includes a complete types of food, thus all the needs of the body are assured, approximately 1300 calories a day.

To follow the easy diet to lose weight, you need to know some basic and easy rules about the diet.

Five rules to follow to lose weight without being hungry

1. Take 5 meals per day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. The lunch and dinner are slightly higher in quantity in comparison of the rest. The breakfast must be more abundant than usual.

2. Eat everything, except fried food and sauces. Ideally, it's better to cook meat, fish and vegetables to the steam (it also must be roasted or grilled). It's also recommended to drink skimmed milk instead of whole milk.

3. Slightly reduce the amount of protein, especially those from animal origin, not from vegetal proteins.

4. Carbohydrates and sugars must be also reduced slightly. They must be eaten in the breakfast to provide the energy of the body.

5. Start all meals with salad to satisfy more easily the stomach, and the center of the appetite situated in brain.

Diet plan of the Easy Diet to Lose Weight Without being Hungry

The first thing to do is to drink a natural juice fruit alternating each day (orange, grapefruit, tomato, pineapple, etc.). Then take a coffee with milk accompanied by a couple of slices of bread with an ingredient such as ham, fresh cheese or margarine.

To not be tired due to the lack of energy, we recommend to eat fruit, varying between your favorites. To vary your mid-morning meal, you can toggle the fruit, with a coffee with milk and a piece of bread or a yogurt.

Always start the lunch with a small salad, accompany it with another small dish with cooked potatoes, white beans, rice or similar food. The second will be a piece of small meat or grilled fish, or well pasta with a little tomato or a plate of Spanish paella (rice with sea food) or similar. For dessert, choose between a fruit or yogurt.

It's a very similar diet as the lunch one, except the dinner, that is composed by only 2 dishes. For the first dish, you have to choose between salad, soup, cooked vegetables or similar. For the second dish, you have to choose between a small portion of meat, fish or fat-free sausage.

If you practice this diet during at least 4 weeks, you will get healthier habits soon and you will lose several pounds.

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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Diet Menu Plans

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